Jaxon is beging to talk so much!

>> Monday, November 23, 2009

I had to record this, he is just to cute for words. Love this kid :)


Fun At the Park


Pumpkin Hunting

Yay! So Trav got off work early one day so we decided to go out an pick our pumpkins, it was such a beautiful day and we had loads of fun.

If you don't know this already Jaxon is obsessed with Airplanes and of course here he is imitating one as it was going by. He is such a doll.

Look at my great pumpkins.


Visit to the Zoo

Jax sure can not pass up a slide! He loves them :)

Visiting the Baby Elephant, Giraffe, and we even saw the Baby Tiger cubs. They were all so cute.



Jaxon kissing his newest cousin William, he's so cute!

Jaxon decided to sing on Rock Band while we were visiting Ron, Jenn, and sweet William. Silly boy. Below is another cute pic of the two together.

Jaxon and Rae playing, he love's his Rae Rae.


Hard at work

So Jaxon love's to come and play with me at work, he only comes there on Friday's and love's his Pa time with Stan. He also really likes to play with the phones. LOL I think he will be a talker when he gets bigger.


Photos by Lani So Cute!!!

>> Friday, July 31, 2009

My brilliant Sis took these of Jaxon, ever since he was born he has had these cute coveralls and I have been wanting to do pictures with them. Lani is truly amazing, check out her work on her blog http://leilanibascom.blogspot.com Our little Jaxon is not so little anymore, he is growing and learning so much, and is starting to repeat what we say.... I'm sure all moms think their children are the smartest and I sure do :) Enjoy these pictures


Summer adventures

>> Saturday, July 25, 2009

So here is a huge photo book of what we have been up too, this is the simplest way to show all of our pictures. Enjoy



>> Thursday, April 16, 2009

We had a fun Easter as you can see, here are all our pix in a slide show form. Enjoy


Family Va-Ca

A few weeks ago we got to go down to St. George. It was so nice since it was snowing here. Jaxon just loves the pool and haging out on the couch with the remote. We really had a nice time as a family.


Swimming Lessons

>> Thursday, April 2, 2009

Getting in the pool

Oooo, the water is warm, and look I can touch!

Floating on my back

What can you hear in the water?

Jaxon started his swim lessons this week, the first day he was not quite sure about it, but today he for sure loved it. He has gotten that it is like a HUGE bath tub where he can splash, and kick. We did go under the water today, and he wanted to keep doing it. He also likes to "jump" off the edge to me. (really it is like falling in :)


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