Jaxon's 2 year Pictures

>> Thursday, March 11, 2010

My very talented Sister Lani took these great pictures of Jaxon... She takes all of his pictures and I am just in love each time.

So Handsome!! He loves his Trike.

I'm such a big boy!
Check out my Muscles!! FLEX


25 Weeks along

So I am 25 weeks today.... for some of you, you know that this pregnancy has not really been a breeze like when I was pregnant with Jaxon. I was very sick in the beginning, now I am having round ligament pains, a wonderful rash that is not related to this pregnancy but can last up to 3 months... GREAT!!! But as they say each pregnancy is different and boy are they correct.

We still do not have a name picked out but a few we like are Weston, Watson, personally I am in love with Ryker, I still do not have Travis convinced on that yet :) We will however use Travis as the middle name.

I am starting to look more pregnant, and he is moving and kicking me more and more; that is the most amazing part of being pregnant, you have this living human growing inside you, moving and kicking soon he will be here. It won't be soon enough!! We are really excited to have this little boy. Jaxon is getting excited too to have a "brodder" :) I have made a really cute quilt for his crib and have been working on the bumper.... I think that we are pretty much ready, unless I decide to paint his room, which I have been wanting to do as well as Jaxon's room too.

Sorry I have been a slacker on posting.... life has just gone by so quickly. I promise to be better!


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