First words and teeth

>> Monday, October 20, 2008

So Jaxon is getting his two bottom teeth, he is so funny with his tongue, he will stick it out and rub it on them. I am working on getting a picture of both his teeth and him sticking out his tongue.

The other day at work, he was in his play yard, he loves to throw out his binki, and Grama Helene said "ugh-oh" and Jax just repeated it, so now he will say ugh-oh, and wow, and oh. He is growing up so fast. I guess that means I need to watch my mouth so he doesn't start saying some other words ;)


Thanks Grama for my new toy :)

Grama Helene got Jax this fun new toy, he just loves it, we take it everywhere we go (where we will be for a few anyways) it keeps him pretty entertained, and for some reason his favorite part is the thing that goes round and round. Hmmm, imagine that!


Let it snow!

So as I had mentioned earlier we were "supposed" to get all this snow, well we didn't get tons of snow but we did get some, Jaxon was fascinated by it coming down.

He thought it was fun to breath on the glass, then he would touch the fog on the window. Our silly friend, how do they get so smart?!


Pumpking Hunting in the COLD

>> Friday, October 10, 2008

Ok so I guess the word on the street is that we are going to get like 4-6 inches of snow in the valley this weekend, and we have not even thought of getting our pumpkins yet, so as soon as Trav got home from work we were off to the pumpkin patch.
It was FREEZING! I really want Jaxon to wear hats so badly cuz what can I say he looks so great in them, and when we got there surprize suprize he kept it on!
He was not to sure about the pumpkins, so it was a quick trip to the patch. We had fun:)


Sorry I just can't stand HOW cute Jaxon is

Jaxon is so CUTE, I almsot can't stand it! So here are some more of him playing today


Hangin out in the trunk of our car.......

Ok so I really am not a bad mom, I needed both of my hands to get his stroller undone so he could sit in it, in the mean time I sat him in the trunk while I did this, and he looked so cute I had to take a picture..... before he could think to stand and possibly fall, good thing he didn't.


Photo shoot with Mom

Jaxon could spend all day spinning this rattle thing on his exersaucer, I swear it is his job to make it go as fast as he can, it is so fun to watch him do it his face is so serious. Silly boy
I had some fun taking pictures of him yesterday, I love his big blue eyes, they have so much joy in them, and he is a bit goofy too ;)

Mom and me having a photo shoot, he is getting so big! He loves to stand up by his exersaucer and play.


My First Sippy Cup

Oh Hey! Look at my skinny tummy, don't cha just want to squeeze it?
Jaxon is getting used to a sippy cup, he's not really sure about it yet. I think he thinks it more of a toy than a cup :)


Mega Blog

>> Friday, October 3, 2008

Sorry that it has been almost a month since I posted anything new, so much has changed with our little monkey it is crazy, he is crawling and climbing everything and everywhere, Dad installed a gate so he won't fall down the stairs. We have had many bumps and bruises, sad I know. We hope you enjoy seeing what new things Jaxon is doing. I will be better at posting this month :) Happy Blogging everyone.


I don't like to crawl on the tile

Jax really dislikes crawling on the tile, he will of course to get to the door stopper and to play with the blinds, also if I'm not watching he makes a dash to get into my office before I notice him. I love how he stands on his feet to walk/crawl. The other day he was doing this and realized that if he pushed back just a bit he could fall on his bum. Where did he get this funny personality?


First Hair Cut

First hair cut you say, what hair? Ha Ha, Jax had this long mullet going on, well not really long but hey a hairdresser needs to get her hands on her kids hair at sometime why not at almost 9 months? Dad held him while I shaved the back of his head, Aunt Crystal took the pictures, Thanks!


At Work

As some of you know we have been working at my Mom's office, now that Jax is mobile, he gets into everything! Some how he crawled under Grama's desk to play with the tower and found this seat, how fun! Oh ya he was kinda stuck too :) Silly boy.


Look at me

Jaxon is a BIG boy, he is crawling everywhere as fast as he can as well as being a bit adventuring, this day he was excited he could look out the window that was just his height.


Fun Playing

We got to play with Raevynn, Jaxon's cousin. They had a great time watching baby einstien, and just hanging out as well as having some fun in his exersaucer while he played on the outside trying not to fall down; now that he can pull him self up onto everything. So fun and cute.



I just love this picture, there are many words for this.


Love his lips

Jaxon is such a great eater, he loves to smack his lips together, I am so happy that Dad got this photo, it will be great to show his girlfriends when he is older ;)


Learning to crawl

Jaxon is a very determined boy, after the weekend at my Mom's and Stan's he just took off. More pictures to come I am sure.


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