My blog for my baby stuff is done :)

>> Thursday, May 26, 2011

Please come and checkout my blog for all my cute baby swag.  Also if you want to share with your friend and become a fan on Facebook that would be amazing.  Much love!


My new venture

>> Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hi friends and family.  I am so excited to share my new venture.  I have always loved making things as gifts for baby showers and such.  Lately I have been making these cute baby shoes as well.  I have been busy taking orders and loving every minuet of it.  I posted a link to my facebook page down on the right of my blog. Please check it out and share with your friends.  Here is my logo.  Love it!!!  I am sure soon I will be starting a blog or an etsy shop.  Can't wait!!


Jaxon is 3!

>> Monday, February 7, 2011

I really can not believe that Jaxon is 3!  He has grown up so much this year.  I love all his funny things he says, and does.  His personality is really fun.  Jaxon loves to play with all his Thomas trains, and loves to play with "his baby" brother. So excited to see what this year brings us!  I have been using an amazing photographer lately.  I love all the pix she has taken for us.  Check out her site click here She is very affordable, and so creative.


Our cute family

>> Monday, November 8, 2010

 We got our family pictures back and we LOVE them!! How cute is Lincoln!?!  Jaxon too of course :)


I got this fun photo app for my phone

>> Friday, October 15, 2010

 Me and sweet Jaxon, I can not get enough of his sweet smile <3
So I have recently downloaded an app for my iPhone called Hipstamatic, and I am in LOVE with the photos it takes, I can not stop playing with it!  Here are a few that I have taken over the last few weeks

 Jaxon loves his brother, he has to be by him as soon as he wakes up, then if he is not right there he is asking "where's the baby Mom?"

 This is our view from our back yard, it was such a beautiful morning, we get many of great views here at our new home.

 I took this picture to remind me how enjoyable it is to just relax and look into Lincolns eyes, they are so pure and innocent, plus I can see all the love he has for me, as well as seeing a bit of heaven in him.

Sweet, sweet baby feet!



>> Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm not sure if I have said this or not, but Jaxon just loves his brother!!! Here they are in bed this morning, Jaxon always wants to be right by him, he is such a sweet big brother!  Lincoln also LOVE to look at Jaxon, even when he is in his face, which is most of the time :)


We Moved!! & Update on us :)

>> Sunday, August 29, 2010

We have been super busy this summer, having Lincoln, and moving EEK!!  So in case you all did not know, we sold our house HOORAY!!! We have been waiting since April for our bank to approve the offer.  We are so relieved that they did indeed accept the offer.  We found a great house in West Jordan with a great yard for Jaxon to play in.  His Oma and Pa got him a sandbox that looks like a crab, he LOVES to play in it, however he does like to drag the sand all through the house LOL!!  It also has an amazing view of the Wasatch Mountains.

Jaxon is growing so fast!  He talks in sentences, he really is a big boy now! (as you can see)  As for Lincoln, he is growing way fast too, he started to smile about a week ago. He also is growing so fast, and is getting really big too, Jaxon was tiny forever it felt like.  He is such a great baby, only cries when he is hungry or wet, and has really brought so much joy to our family.

As for me I have been helping my Mom with her business 2 Local Gals Housekeeping, I do all the bookkeeping and money stuff!  Lincoln gets to come with me to work on the days I go in, its nice too that I can do most of my work from home.  I also am still doing some hair from home.

I promise to keep up on my posting of the boys, since they are growing super fast!


Growing up fast

Jaxon did not want to hold Lincoln, he did so good! He is such a protector of his brother.

All our nephews and niece, they are all soo cute!

It was POURING rain this day, we had fun though. Jaxon is very photogenic.

I may be partial but he is one good looking kid :) So handsome! Oh my he is not a babe anymore.... tear.


Lincoln's newborn picture session

Our cute little family

Jaxon LOVES his baby brother so much <3

Love this red hat :) He is soo sweet!

We had so much fun doing Lincoln's newborn pictures, at 9 days old he did such a good job cooperating for Amanda, he even slept most of the time. Amanda did such a great job.


Lincoln is here!!

>> Friday, July 16, 2010

Sorry this is sooo late!!
We had sweet Lincoln on June 17th 2010 at 5:53 pm he is 6lbs 12 oz and 19 inches long.


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