I saw it, and this is what I thought

>> Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I have read all the books (which I finished them each in a matter of days), and am in love with the story! Tonight we went to see Twilight, Shelbie, Jenny, Debbie and I saw it. What did I think of it? Well if you don't want to know don't read this..... So it was pretty close to the book, I thought that there were some really great moments in the movie, and wish that there were more, it was a bit High School for me and a tid bit cheesy, however I am interested in seeing what they do with the sequel of it. I am definatly a fan though of Edward, he is super yummy. If anyone who has seen it and you want to talk about it, I would love to... so call or email me:)


Jaxon's Tongue

I know that I am going to regret this later in life, but it is so cute, the other day I was sticking my tongue out at Jaxon, of course he is a copy cat right now, it is so fun, well he started doing it and on demand, so here is a few pictures of us being silly and in one you can see his cute top teeth.


O Christmas Tree.......

I know. I know it is not even Thanksgiving.... Well it almost is, and I could not contain my self until this weekend. Last year when I sold my Salon I sold all of my past Christmas decor with it, so unfortunately I had to buy all new stuff. So as soon as I thought it wouldn't be too soon to put everything up we did. Trav and I have been looking for the perfect pre-lit Christmas Tree, no luck yet but maybe this weekend on Black Friday, so we borrowed a tree from his Mom, it is a bit short for my liking but works great so Jaxon can't grab it and pull it over.

Well due to my fantastic shopping for decor last year we had more than plenty to go around our home, I got the tree all decorated, the tops of our cabinets lit up, as well as my fantastic centerpiece on our table.

I started putting the lights up on Saturday with help from Trav, we got half way done but it got to cold, and well the Utes were playing :) And on Sunday I sure didn't do much either. So yesterday I finished up with that, they look so great, you can't really tell but I do have some star lights on my tiny deck, go figure who would have thought I liked stars ;)


VW Pride

If any of you don't know Travis works on VW's, so we were hangin out over the weekend and doing our coffee thing, well Trav was done with his coffee (FREE mug) and Jaxon thought it would feel good on his gums :)
He is a silly boy as you can see. He kept trying to hold it just right, mugs are heavy for the little guys. It takes a lot of muscles.
Yum coffee, I mean milk ;)


I stole this from Kelly

>> Friday, November 14, 2008

My sister Kelly had this on her blog, very impressive, I have not ever looked at You Tube before, nor am I a Star Wars geek but...... it was very entertaining . Enjoy


This is so Hilarious!

>> Monday, November 10, 2008

So the other night, Travis and I went to our friends Birthday bash, Auntie Terri, and Grams came over to play with Jax when we got home, he was doing this fun little dance, doesn't it just put a smile on your face? It does for me, I love him, I love him.....


Happy Halloween

>> Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Jaxon had his first Halloween, we had a fun day, I put him in his costume for the entire day, he just looked so cute! We first went to Grama Helene's and Grampa Stan's house to trick-or-treat, he loves their light by the door, so that is why he is looking up in most of the pictures, we then went to Grams house and went to a few houses there, and met up with Aunt Terri, and his cousin Conner, I need to get pictures from Terri of them, Conner was a Hippy, so fun!


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