Baby Gardner 3D Ultrasound

>> Friday, April 30, 2010

So I took my Mom and Mother-in-law with me to get a 4D ultrasound on Wednesday, it was so amazing to see him even though I still have 8 weeks until I am due. He really looks a lot like Jaxon... I sure can not wait to hold him in my arms. His lips are so delicious!!


31 Weeks

>> Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So this week on Thursday I will be 31 weeks.... Well all I can say at this point is that I will be very excited to have this baby anytime he is ready..... Because I sure am!!! I have been having mild contractions or "braxton hicks" which with Jaxon never hurt me, and these do :( So yes I have been having many sleepless nights which usually include soaking in the tub. We still have not decided on a name for this little guy yet. We are taking suggestions so if you have some leave a message with them in it!

The fun things about this pregnancy are: He is a mover, always kicking and rolling. I love watching my belly move it is quite amazing that there is a human growing inside of me. I really do not have any weird cravings yet, sometimes I want a whole can of olives or actually I love going to Frogurt where I get to make my own soft served Yogurt and put on my own toppings... this could be dangerous FYI! We are thinking of doing a 3D Ultrasound maybe next week as well as having a photo shoot before he comes of my growing belly which really is not that big at all since he love hanging out in my back which = lots of back pain. So stay tuned for those pictures. So at this point if he is at all like Jaxon we could have him in the next 4 weeks or if not with in 9 I hope :)


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