>> Monday, March 30, 2009

Riding on the train.
Look at the HUGE Giraffe

Can you say Cougar?? (Not me silly) LOL!

Me and Dad checking out the Elephants

Can I just say we LOVE the Zoo! Since Saturday was such a beautiful day we decided to go visit the Zoo... Jaxon is so into animals right now and he loved it all of it. We even got to ride the train. So fun.



>> Friday, March 27, 2009

Ok I know, I know it has been FOREVER since I have posted anything, well here you go 4 new posts, we have been having a pretty chill little life for the most part, Travis is working his tail off, same with me, lots of jewelry being bought, and hair being done, and helping the the office with my mom, boy I love that I get to be home with Jaxon.....

As for Jaxon he is not only walking but RUNNING or lack there of. Oh and did I mention into everything..... However he is so cute and we have just loved watching him grow and discover new things everyday. He has some new words too, Moo, Dog, Ball, Shoe, NO, Mama, Da-doo, yum-yum, I have been working with him and his colors, he does say red and blue, I want to think he said green the other day too, and is getting better at his sign language, he knows cookie, milk, more, eat. You know the basics :)

Well my goal is to post something each week (crossing my fingers). Check back, if there is nothing new please email or call me and harrass me to put up some new things!


Yummy Suckers!

Yum! Bubble Gum :)

Jax and I went to visit our friends down at Fresh Hair, Jenny has a huge bowl of suckers on the front desk, of course as soon as Jaxon saw them he was like "YUMMMM!" So I sure gave him one, he did pretty well with it, a bit of druel but not bad, and he is so cute too!


Here comes the Sun!

Loving the playground



Chillin in the car

So usually I have the carseat in my car, so on the weekends we drive Trav's car, we didn't want Jaxon strolling around in the garage so he is drinking and driving, gotta love him :)


Jaxon Eating Cereal

I have NO idea how he got this on his head, last month he started throwing things over his head I guess that is how. But he is so cute!


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