Target shopping cart

>> Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We were at Target today and Jaxon LOVES sitting in the cart, today he looked like he was going down the hill on a Rollercoaster, he is so funny I was laughing and I am sure people thought I was a nut! WEEEEEE!


What a Stud

>> Monday, August 25, 2008

We went to our friends wedding this past weekend, I got Jaxon this fun shirt, he is such a baby model.


Jaxon is everywhere! As I have posted previously. He is so funny, he thinks he can roll up things, here he is trying to roll over the couch, silly boy! The top picture is of his new smile, like it? He sure does!



>> Thursday, August 21, 2008

So Jaxon is rolling and turning on his tummy, he is everywhere, the other day he was playing with the DVD player and it opened he thought that was cool, he had the disk out and everything. Silly boy. We really have to watch what we leave out on the floor or at his reach, it goes right into his mouth.



Jaxon has been eating so good, and he has finally figured out he has to open BIG to get his food. He likes mostly everything I have given to him, he was not sure about the Guava so I didn't finish giving it to him. He also love his teething cookies, my mom gave him a gram cookie and that gave me the idea to give him something that he wouldn't choke on. He really likes them too, he holds them so good. Who knew eating would be so fun.


I'm kinda cool

I got Jax this hat and so sweet sunglasses, he is so CUTE!


All Jaxons Cousins

While Josh and Robynn were here we had fun getting together for Gabe's baptisim and Crystals sweet Raevynn's blessing. A lot of our family was here too, Kelly's girls were here and Jaxon had so much fun playing with them, I did to of course. It was fun to see everyone and spend more that just a few hours with them. We miss Josh, Robynn and the kids. But we have some fun memories with them. Ellie did not want to sit for the picture, we got one as you can see.


Jaxon's first road trip

We went to St.George at the end of July to see My brother Josh and his family, they have not seen Jax since he was 6 weeks old, Jaxon had fun swimming with Josh, Gabe and Ellie, we had such a great time, Robynn's parents have such a beautiful home, we thank them for letting us stay there. Jaxon LOVES the pool, he is a splasher, I think he may be a fish like his mom :)


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